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Marc also goes under the alias Toxic Gem-in-i which is a solo music project. This music crosses a variety of genres and has a very unique sound. Follow the links below to access the music.

For this project, Marc has worked with a variety of producers and music industry specialists.

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Fading Halos are an original and unique music trio from Leeds, UK.

Their songs are focused entirely on emotional love songs and ballads. They know that whether people like to admit or not, the large majority can relate to topics of heartbreak, broken relationships and let downs.

Despite the initial two members, Marc and Mike, leading their own separate rock-oriented bands, they decided to collaborate on Fading Halos as an outlet for heartfelt piano ballads with string sections and a touch of guitar.

Craig joined the project to add his dynamic and versatile violin talent to bring the string sections to life and take the songs to the next level.

The band have released 4 singles from their forthcoming debut EP called 'Holding Onto Your Heart'. Their debut was 'My Love For You', followed by 'Let Me Know' and 'Lost'. The latest single is called 'I Can't Change' and is out now.

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Fading Halos band

Surefire Affair band
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Surefire Affair are a 4 piece original indie/commercial band from Leeds. Marc is the vocalist of the band and has written all lyrics and melodies to the songs, that are a mixture of catchy upbeat songs and romantic ballads. All music and shows can be found via the Surefire Affair website

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